2015 Fisker Karma Review


New Fisker Karma 2015 Review

The designed prelaunch of the Fisker Karma range-extended electric luxury sedan isn’t likely to happen until at least the center of after that year. And what time it does happen, new holder Wanxiang will probably sell the car under a new brand person’s name: Elux. Other than we may learn more specify about the phoenix-like revivification of the sleek, the stunning, and the plug-in 4-door as early as this month.

New Fisker Karma

New Fisker Karma

That’s the implication, at least, that’s conveyed by the splash screen (and sole page) on The New Fisker, a site place up last year to supply details on the prelaunch. The heading is “Introducing | April 2015,” and scrolling down the side expose a Karma-like shape take pictures of from above.

A model on the Fisker Karma car’s roof come into view to show solar panels–the Karma’s roof was covered in photovoltaic solar cells–and scrolling down the page switches on the car’s headlights, a nice touch.

New Fisker Karma

New Fisker Karma

The text speaks only: “It’s On “Luxury Energized” “Energy Optimized” “Introducing” April 2015.” Wanxiang has supposedly had to sink “millions” into updating the Fisker Karma, which suffered from frequents excellence flaws in the year or so that new cars were produced in Finland by contract assembler Valmet. The Karma was first unveiled in January 2008 at the Detroit Auto Show, and it finally struggled into manufacture as a 2012 model before production halted in the middle of that year. The company’s new holder, Wanxiang, bought lithium-ion booth supplier A123 Systems out of bankruptcy as well last year.

It must fix “about 250 bugs” on the Karma design it acquired before the sleek electric sedan could be put back into making, according to creator and chairman Lu Guanqiu and Wanxiang USA president Pin Ni

The Fisker Company’s 1st order of selling is to get the Fisker Karma back into making. It will also need to resurrect its dealer networks about the world. Many USA the Fisker dealers gently folded up shop after production of cars and parts stopped leave-taking holders to look for out the few outstanding service points. Whether the New Fisker teaser ends up offering actual plans and specifications remains to be seen–but it’s clear the Fisker Karma isn’t dead yet.

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