2016 Honda S660 Release Date

2016 Honda S660 Release Date, Price, Photos, Review

The new 2016 Honda S660 kei automobile is slated to hit Japanese dealerships early this Apr, and to commemorate the occasion, Honda is launching the limited-run construct Edition, that brings with it increased exterior styling and upgraded cabin equipment. Solely 660 units are made, all of that are destined for the Japanese market. Honda designed the vehicle round the philosophy of Heart Beat Sport, promising a driving experience in line with full-fledged sports cars.

It’s clear that the S660 is a bantamweight for the road. The exterior style was inspired around the construct of an energetic bullet, with a body that’s wide and low and lets people anticipate the high level of dynamic performance this vehicle can give. The lines are easy and smooth. Hardly any overhang exists before and after the axles. Double bulges within the back fall away from the cabin seats, whereas a single, center-mounted exhaust peeks out underneath from the rear bumper. 

2016 Honda S660

2016 Honda S660 Concept: Water-repellent body coating “Ultra Glass Coating NEO”

The cabin of the 2016 Honda S660 looks tight. The driver’s seating position, together with the hip purpose and pedal placement, were deliberately aimed toward recreating the feeling of driving an automotive vehicle. The steering wheel is a mere 13.8-inch in diameter, creating it the littlest mass-market steering wheel Honda presently offers. Also, the rear center glass goes up and down that helps to quell gusts once the highest is removed. The Concept Edition can feature red stitching for the leather sports seats, leather wrapped steering wheel, shift boot and leather wrapped manual transmission shift knob. The shift pattern is additionally carved in red.

Honda places the S660’s engine within the middle and sent the power to the rear, blessing it with a 45/55 front-to-rear weight distribution and an occasional polar moment of inertia. The engine relies on constant power plant from the N Series, with a boosted, DOHC inline-three cylinder displacing a complete of 660 cc. The turbo is new, designed to supply higher throttle response. Output is rated at 64 horsepower and 77 pound-feet of torque.

Honda claims that the 2016 S660 is the world’s initial mini-vehicle equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, and knowing the standard of H-badge gearboxes in the past, it ought to be high notch. There’s conjointly an available CVT with a seven-speed paddle shifter and sports mode to sharpen throttle response.

The Honda S660 is fantastic. The ultra-light, mid-ship compact feels like it ticks all the boxes once it involves fun, little, open-top sports cars. Pricing for 2016 Honda S660 starts at 1,980,000 yen, or $16,485 at current exchange rates. The construct Edition adds $3,330 for a total of $19,815.

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