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2016 McLaren Sports Series Release date, Price, Photos, Review

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show has been quite the vital event for McLaren Automotive that had no fewer than 3 cars on show. Transportation 3 models to an automobile show may be business as was common for the likes of BMW or Audi, but for McLaren, a brand that sells solely 2 models as of March 2015, that’s quite a accomplishment. The P1 GTR, the 675LT and therefore the Le Mans winning F1 GTR created for an awning show at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, however the event was conjointly an excellent chance to seek out a lot of regarding the company’s future Sports Series. With the 675LT and therefore the P1 GTR already get into the open; the Sports Series is that the next huge issue from McLaren issue to stay your eye on.

The 2016 McLaren Sports Series auto arrive U.S. McLaren dealerships in the fourth quarter of this year. The automobile are unveiled in April at the 2015 New York Auto Show. The entry level McLaren targets the Audi R8, Ferrari California and Porsche 911 Turbo S. The Sports Series name may sound somewhat odd however it’s meant to indicate that the new McLaren is a lot of a sports automobile as hostile the high-end supercars the general public go together with the brand.

2016 McLaren Sports

In conditions of styling, McLaren antecedence told the Sports Series can look one thing sort of a cross between the initial 12C and P1. This model reveals that the Sports Series could also be slightly longer than existing McLaren merchandise just like the 650S and P1, despite all 3 cars sharing several of their internals. The premise of the Sports Series are an equivalent carbon fiber monocoque chassis utilized in McLaren’s different cars, and borrowed from them also are the acquainted Ricardo-built 3.8-liter V-8 engine and Graziano-sourced seven-speed SSG dual-clutch transmission. With the 650S packing 641 H.P., output in the Sports Series can possible begin around five hundred horsepower, providing a healthy performance gap between the 2.

2016 McLaren Sports Series: Super cars confirmed for New York debut

The Sports Series is ready to be a variety instead of one model, with naming following the power output then letter pattern of the 650S and 675LT that McLaren refers to because the ‘Super Series’. 2 versions of the Sports Series are launched, each coupes, and though Flewitt wouldn’t reveal the precise numbers that each can “start with a five” and that from launch there are each an entry-level ‘C’ variant and a rather brawnier and a lot of targeted ‘S’.

The Sports Series can use a novel version of McLaren’s all carbon fiber chassis tub, with improved cabin access, as a result of engineers believe cars during this bracket are a lot of seemingly to be used as daily drivers. Its agent sills and butterfly doors that hinge otherwise from those of the 650S so as to supply a wider gap.

McLaren recently started a teaser campaign for the new Sports Series that exposed an area of the car’s style. As mentioned, the planet debut can occur this year, possibly at April’s 2015 New York Auto Show. Sales in the U.S. ought to begin towards the top of 2015 or early the subsequent year. A tag of around $200,000 and a lot of sensible options are possible to be hallmarks of the Sports Series. Auto and convertible models are expected.

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