2016 Peugeot Boxer Release Date

Coming up 2016 new Peugeot Boxer is a redesign of the previous edition of the car. This New car will come with a smart and new modern design. Add to the Peugeot company offers equipment Boxer newly provided for the luxury car. Some clothes have changed is prepared with a system to observe the driving lane, a system for reading text letters. We will scull and try to provide information necessary to rely on a small piece of its predecessor.

2016 peugeot boxer Release date, Price, Photos, Specs

2016 Peugeot Boxer

Peugeot Boxer 2016 is a new car that will come with excellent design, this new car will come with the LED technology for lighting now. The Changing back light graphics group, in classify to increase their visibility in conditions of sideways. The soft surface of the mold has a width. The Peugeot Boxer 2016 body has special safety against corrosion and extra damage. The lower piece of the body is also subject to special safety.

The interior is modern and comfortable. Really a new dash, seats receive new equipment, and at the request of the customer can be coated and the skin. Standard features adding hands-free purpose with Bluetooth and the USB access. For an additional fee you can get the touch screen multimedia method with five-inch diagonal, with the map-reading system and the ability to read SMS letters. In this car has usual a facelift LAC system, which optimizes the ESP system, depending on the automobile load and weight distribution. An additional innovation is the integrated camera under interior mirror, which is part of a system for the monitoring and alerting on left lane controlled.

New Peugeot Boxer Coming in 2016

Peugeot Boxer 2016 will have a cabin designed to be extra comfortable for travelers. Heating, air conditioning and the handy section that will supply passengers for baggage delay little bags and suitcases. Cabin, which can accommodate up to 3-passengers, constructed so that everybody has enough space to seat comfort, the Comfortable with quality fabric easy to preserve thanks to an excellent set up options. The Boxer big glass surface allows passengers to like great visibility in traffic. So, openness of the center creates a pleasant atmosphere. Lastly, the control panel is characterized by a figure of obstacles, and useful functions, and roof wadding capuchin, is available as standard, present additional ability of 22 liter. This Boxer comes with a range of the 2.2 HDi turbo diesel engine means, which will be available in 3 versions electricity – 110, 130 and 150 horsepower. The most powerful engine accessible is a 3.0 HDi, which develops utmost power of 180 hp and maximum torque of the 400 Nm.

Peugeot Boxer 2016 is a new car that will be current at the beginning of year 2016. There has been no official notice accurately when this car comes. But this new car will be a car outstanding. We competitors can simply hope that this new car became popular cars.

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