Best Selling Cars 2015


Best Selling Cars 2015 Review

A lot of similarities have in the top models Vehicle of 2015; most new cars sold are not sports cars, large SUVs or luxury saloons. Those models are created in much smaller numbers than the compact family hatchbacks, super-minis and crossovers that conjure the majority of automotive sales within the world these days.

With 2014 being the greatest year for brand new automotive sales for a decade, 2015 includes a lot to live up to. In America, Vehicle sales are off to a good begins in 2015. With 2 months, overall sales are up 9.2 % compared of 2014. With gas costs lows, it’s no surprise that trucks sales are seeing the foremost success with an impressive 15.3% increase over last year. Cars sales also are up, 2.8 % higher in 2015.

Here’s a look at the top 10 Best selling cars 2015 or top 10 Best selling vehicles 2015, consistent with numbers we collected from individual vehicle manufacturers’ sales reports.

Ford F-Series:

Ford F-Series 2015

Ford F-Series 2015

YTD Sales: 109,606

Vs. 2014: 7.0%

The crown remains on the head of the Ford F-Series. Exclusively, the Ford F-150 is continuous to cut down all competitors once it approach to pure sales. This year the F-150 had 20,000 more sales than the Silverado, with a complete of 67,706 in March, and over 177,000 for 2015 as start into April. The F-Series is by far and away America’s top-selling vehicle, and there’s slight reason to believe which will amendment anytime soon.

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Chevrolet Silverado:

Chevrolet Silverado 2015

Chevrolet Silverado 2015

YTD Sales: 81,501

Vs. 2014: 24.4%

Chevy’s been on a little of a tear with its famous Silverado pickup line, and therefore the evidence of within the numbers. In March, get to dealers sent quite 45,000 Silverado pickups home with new owners that could be a seven percent spike over March of last year. In all, 126,694 Silverado’s have sold in 2015 so far, a 17.6 percent raise over last year’s figures. Evidently, commerce pickups are simpler once the company isn’t involved within the inside of a large variety of recall announcements.

Toyota Camry:

Toyota Camry 2015

Toyota Camry 2015

YTD Sales: 59,705

Vs. 2014: 14.1%

Toyota Camry, pacing right before the Corolla is Toyota’s different big seller. With the prominent absence of the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry sales soared though they were really down from March 2014 by 2.7 percent. In all, 40,800 Camry models were sold last month that adds up to 100,505 for the year. In distinction to the March comparisons, sales for the year are literally up 6.6 percent.

Ram Truck:

Ram Truck 2015

Ram Truck 2015

YTD Sales: 59,916

Vs. 2014: 10.2%

Customary, the top 10 Best selling list is populated by pickup trucks. Ram Truck became in at the number 3 position. Whereas Ram has been doing considerably better as these days than in previous years, it still following its major rivals. In March, 41,595 Ram pickup trucks were sold, secretarial for a 2.2 percent drop from 2014. The year-over-year numbers are a little higher, as Ram has been able to sell 101,511 trucks thus far. That’s a 4.8 percent increase.

Toyota Corolla:

Toyota Corolla 2015

Toyota Corolla 2015

YTD Sales: 55,196

Vs. 2014: 14.9%

As a number of its foremost automotive has departed the list this month, Toyota has been able to benefit and capture even a lot of sales. One in every of the massive winners was the Toyota Corolla, that saw a large point in sales of just about 20 percent in March 2015 over 2014. That’s quite 35,000 Corollas sold last month, creating for more than 90,700 for 2015 so far. Compared to the current time last year, Corolla sales are up 16.7 percent.

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Honda Civic:

Honda Civic 2015

Honda Civic 2015

YTD Sales: 39,737

Vs. 2014: -8.4%

The Civic is one of 3 Hondas among the twenty best-sellers, however sales of the compact sedan and car still decline stunning given the Civic’s design in 2014. Introduction of a new unique Edition that features over $1,100 value of telemetric, audio, comfort, convenience and magnificence upgrades for simply $700 over the LX sedan may offer Civic the boost it desires.

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Nissan Altima:

Nissan Altima 2015

Nissan Altima 2015

YTD Sales: 54,882

Vs. 2014: 2.8%

Another sedan that’s having a tricky year is the Nissan Altima that is seeing sales tumble very like the Ford Fusion, despite capturing the sixth spot on still best-sellers list. Nissan moved with regards to 32,000 Altimas last month that is down concerning 11 percent from 2014. On the year, dealers have affected virtually 87,000 totals. That, too, is down 2.7 percent from 2014.

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Honda Accord:

Honda Accord 2015

Honda Accord 2015

YTD Sales: 42,627

Vs. 2014: -5.7%

It’s stunning that Accord sales are so far below the Toyota Camry, though Honda claims Accord is the popular automotive among retail customers, implying that Camry gets a giant boost from fleet sales. Apparently the Accord is sort of fashionable automotive and Driver magazine; this year marks the 29th time it’s been named to the publication’s annual “10 Best Cars in America” list.

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Honda CR-V:

Honda CR-V 2015

Honda CR-V 2015

YTD Sales: 45,509

Vs. 2014: 16.72%

A new SUV edging into underneath of the top 10 Best selling cars 2015 list, Honda’s CR-V. It barely hit out the Nissan Rogue for the 9th spot. Actually, the CR-V sold solely two hundred extra units than the Rogue, with the ultimate tally for March in at 27,618. Add that on top of the statistics from February and January, and over 73,000 CR-Vs are sold in 2015.

Ford Fusion:

Ford Fusion 2015

Ford Fusion 2015

YTD Sales: 42,426

Vs. 2014: -4.9%

The Ford Fusion in 2015, has unbroken on keep-in’ on. Ford’s fan favorite sold simply over 29,000+ units still in June, creating for 71,470 on the year. The factor is, the Fusion has a tough year. Sales are down, and it’s unclear whether they’ll convalesce. Numbers have fallen nearly 8 percent for the year from now in 2014.

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