British cars history: from “Lanchester” to “Rolls-Royce” (Part-2)

The subsequent models “Lanchester” already to a lesser degree stored non conventional spirit of the first car.

Models “Lanchester” always differed not only the singularity, but also the iron logic inherent in their designer Frederik Lanchester. In model 1903 presented in a picture the two-cylinder engine was in the body midpoint. The attention and characteristic for early “Lanchester” an oblique cowl draws to itself.

Extremely to conservative and most answering British tastes, and with strongly pronounced reputation of a sports car, the mark “Napier” was represented.

In 1901 the company, testing serious counter-steering, has designed the first British racing car which has achieved on Gordon Bennett Trophy 1902 of an impressive victory. Only at the finish Englishmen have passed forward Dutch firm “Spyker” which has already exhausted by then the six-cylinder automobile engine. Unfortunately, in rivalry of designers for release of six-cylinder engine “Napier” has lost because of strong vibration of a bent shaft. Later the lack managed to be eliminated, and cars “Napier” have achieved wide recognition, thanks to a smooth motion, good road-ability, and also a simple gear shift.

Despite the achievements, “Napier” has been compelled to move and give road to one of the most outstanding cars of all times – unsurpassed “Rolls-Royce 40/50”, called to a thicket “Silver Ghost”. Created in 1906, the six-cylinder car of model “40/50” became an hour of triumph of its designer Henry Rojsa (Henry Royce) (1863-1933). Elegant, but not too expensive, it was allocated among other marks with surprising refinement, thanks to logical technical decisions and the highest quality of materials and assemblies.

In this car you listen to silence, even at speed more than 110 km/hour, feeling at the same time good movement on road of road and ease of a driving. Mechanical details of this model surprise till now with the durability, and reliability which has been checked up in various tests, was considered as the legendary. So “Silver Ghost” it has appeared ahead of all competitors, therefore its release proceeded up to 1925, and only in the latest years there were signs of obsolescence of model.

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