British cars history: from “Lanchester” to “Rolls-Royce” (Part-3)

That “Rolls-Royce” became the most magnificent car of that time was remarkable, simultaneously keeping the sports vein. It partially spoke that its balanced proportions excluded awkwardness, and also sports successes “Rolls-Royce” on Alpine events 1913. Not Casually British armed forces in the First World War have preferred the chassis “Silver Ghost” as base for armour cars. Not many high quality cars could brag of similar universality.

It is natural, that the model “Silver Ghost” had competitors. The basic among them – French “Delaunay-Belleville” – the favorite car of the Russian tsar.

“Delaunay-Belleville” represented magnificent model of the firm initially specialising on manufacture of steam-engines (coppers “Delaunay” have been installed on a yacht of last Russian tsar “the Queen Victoria”), and has been advertised as “majestic”. Since 1908 the company began to exhaust rather perfect cars with six-cylinder engines which had very strong bent shafts. The same company one of the first has applied an engine lubricating system under pressure.

Factory “Maudslay” from Koverni was one more of manufacturers of cars in England, which has made to itself a name on release of ship engines before to be engaged in automotive industry.

In 1913 in all voice the firm from Coventry, become to the most known on British isles (the future manufacturer of sports models “Jaguar”) has declared itself.

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