Caterham Seven 360 R 2015 Release Date

Caterham Seven 360 R 2015 Release date, Price, Photos & Review

Caterham Cars has introduced 3 latest additions to its existing vary of iconic sports cars. The Seven 270, 360 and 420 are all accessible in the United Kingdom instantly. The introduction of those 3 new variants simplifies Caterham’s vary to comprise 5 core models. Additionally, all Caterham Sevens will currently be specific with latest ‘S’ or ‘R’ instrumentation packages.

The 2015 Caterham Seven 360 R takes all that’s smart in the customary 360 and turns the dial up a little. Caterham worked onerous in alternative areas to create the 360 R a lot of track-ready machine. The most effective part regarding the 360 R is that it’s virtually a secret, as a result of the updates is quite delicate and need a careful eye to spot.

The Caterham Seven 360 R’s outside appearance no completely different from the other Seven model. It options the classic Caterham look with a semi-open-wheel style, a protracted hood, bug-eye headlights, side-exit exhaust, and a roll bar for intercalary safety. 2 slight variations between the R model and therefore the customary 360, and those are the 360 R decals and therefore the “aero” fuel-filler cap.

Caterham Seven 360 R 2015

Inside the cabin, the 360 R gets some additional goodies that don’t notice within the customary 360. The general look of the cabin is incredibly almost like that of the quality 360, because it is kind of easy and centered a lot of on practicality than beauty. The R package tosses in an exceedingly carbon-fiber dashboard, composite athletics seats, a momo steering wheel, a four-point racing harness, a 12-volt power socket, an exclusive shifter knob, and distinctive instruments.

Slotting in between the bottom Seven one hundred sixty with simply 80 hp and therefore the top-of-the-line Seven 620 recently drove with 310 hp are going to be the new Seven 270, 360 and 420. The 270 replaces the previous Road sport a 140 and Super sport and packs a brand new 1.6-liter Ford Sigma engine smart for 135 hp. The 360 takes the place of the outgoing Road sport a 175 and Super sport R with 180 hp from a 2.0-liter Ford Duratec. And therefore, the Seven 420 packs the same engine, however with dry-sump lubrication and 210 hp to interchange the Superlight R400.

Caterham Seven 360 R 2015 is the fastest road car Caterham has ever made

Caterham encompasses a long history of delivering wonderful light-weight track cars at a comparatively low value. It continues this trend with the 2015 Seven 360, and it pushes the model to a brand new level with the R package. The quality Caterham Seven 360 checks in at £26,995 ($40,099 as of 3/30/2015) within the United Kingdom, and therefore the R package adds in another £3,995 ($5,934). That brings the overall MSRP for the Seven 360 R to £30,990 ($46,034), and an additional £3,000 ($4,456).

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