History of the French automotive industry (Part-3)


One of them – “Renault”, having strong reasons for pride. Lui Renault (1877-1944) was not the technical genius, however in young years, being engaged in manufacture of cars, was not afraid to show the innovative approach, its model 1898 became the proof of that. It is a question of the car with the engine “De Dion” power in 1,75 h.p. on a tubular frame.

The car – a copy of the car constructed “Renault” in 1899. On a background – “Renault” 1907. In first models Lui Renault used the engine “De Dion”, preferring drive by a propeller shaft chain, that was a considerable technical novelty.

On this “babe” the revolutionary gear box on those times with the higher, direct drive has been established. The twisting moment to rear wheels was transferred not by chains, and a shaft with hinges.

Thus Renault has put in pawn the new scheme of a final drive which remained invariable till now, anyway for the convinced supporters of a drive gear on rear wheels., but rather functional the propeller shaft was unusual, and popularity of a chain drive gear has gradually gone on recession.

However this process developed slowly: so, on taken place in 1903 in Paris to an auto show more than 60 percent of all cars used the rear bridge with a chain drive gear. But it at all does not belittle a merit of Renault.

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