Hyundai RM15 Concept Review

Hyundai RM15 Concept Price, Performance, Photos & Review

Hyundai Motor Company has revealed its latest mid-engine model, an aggressively-styled superior motorcar concept named ‘RM15’ or Racing Midship 2015. The light-weight two-seat concept, undraped at the 11th Seoul Motor Show, makes a assured statement regarding Hyundai Motor’s passion for performance and its experience in the development of advanced vehicle technologies.

The Veloster debuted in 2012 with a 138 hp engine that simply didn’t quite match up with its sporty appearance. Hyundai created up for this with the 2013 Turbo model. With the new Turbo model, the hatchback still left plenty to be desired, however a replacement mid-engine concept, dubbed the 2015 Veloster RM15, shows the complete potential of the sporty Korean hatchback. The name, Racing Midship, implies that Hyundai developed this idea as a race car.

The RM15 options an aluminum space-frame as its core structure, with a covering of light, stiff body panels fashioned in carbon-fiber strengthened plastic that along facilitate to realize a major weight saving compared to a traditional all-steel vehicle. The body panels are painted within the signature colors of the company’s ‘N’ or pale blue, black, red and Hyundai mid-blue that additionally feature on the Hyundai WRC i20 rally automobile. The new RM15 options a bunch of modifications that boost the newest model’s performance, handling and potency.

Hyundai RM15 Concept

Hyundai Unveils Second Veloster RM15- Based Mid-Engine concept in Korea

The RM15’s total weight is reduced to 1,260 kg a saving of 195kg compared to an all-steel structure, weight distribution is a lot of equally balanced, the middle of gravity is simply 491 mm from the ground and aerodynamic down force is twenty four kilogram at two hundred kph, aided by a competitive lift-coefficient.

In interior Hyundai doesn’t create any mention of what’s occurring in the cabin, other than the relevancy a WRC-inspired roll cage. What fairly Spartan cabin that solely has the vacant requirements, like sport seats, five-point harnesses, a racing steering wheel, customized instruments, and lots of Alcantara.

Power comes from Hyundai Motor’s Theta 2.0-liter T-GDI engine mounted transversely behind the motorcar cabin and sooner than the rear axle, guaranteeing optimized weight distribution and a low moment of inertia for wonderful handling lightness and high levels of traction. New, vertical duct slots in the flanks of the automobile, ahead of the rear wheel arches, increase cooling air flow inside the engine bay and enhance power train potency.

The power routes through a six-speed manual transmission on its thanks to the rear wheels. This mix would be smart for a 4.7 second sprint to 62 mph. The RM15 is regarding over simply speed too, as Hyundai worked exhausting to induce its balance right. To assist even out weight distribution, Hyundai mounted the engine simply fore of the rear shaft, putt 57% of this mid-engine concept’s weight on the rear axle.

Since this can be simply an idea and its name implies that it’s a racer, there are not any rating details. The hot-hatchback market is hotter than it’s been in a few years, thus it’d be wise for Hyundai to dive in whereas there’s money on the table. If Hyundai were to create this beast, it’d be expected to check a tag around $30k – a $7,400 increase over the top-of-the-line Veloster Turbo.

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